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Webflow plugins?

Hi, I want to move away from WordPress which I think is outdated, clunky and basically just a yuge mess.
I just need a clean static home page where I can showcase my projects, creativity, pictures and thoughts.
But there are a few features that would benefit me greatly. I thought I saw some box somewhere saying webflow had 100s of “apps” but I can’t find it anywhere. I understand you can embed any code like javascript, but I haven’t moved yet, so embedding is restricted for me on the free plan.

  • If I want the “Pay With A Facebook like” on my page, I can insert that with Embed?
  • Are there plans of introducing plugins like wordpress if it currerntly isnt? (hopefully moderated and cleaner than WP ofc)
  • If you can embed, do you like import javascript and then call the script with a button?
  • I’m currently learning JavaScript at If you learn that, can you build anything with webflow, export the code and connect it easily with a database and service like Firebase? That would help me greatly as I’m just learning programming

Currently Webflow doesn’t have any plugins or apps store/marketplace. All third-party (JavaScript) scripts have to be included via custom code.

If you can find a JavaScript/jQuery plugin that does that, you can post in “Code Help” category for help

Highly unlikely. You can see current wishlist items here

Depends on the plugin. Read the plugin’s documentation on how you can use it. If you are not a JavaScript developer and need to hire one, I’m available here.

I’m not sure what’s covered in the courses you are taking, but you can definitely export the front-end layout code and integrate with your choice of framework/CMS/etc. and host elsewhere.


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