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Using the Webflow Exported Zip files, we are able to generate a fully functional Progressive Web App.

What we need is the Webflow Project Zip Export, which we will then analyze and configure as a PWA that can be immediately deployed via “https” URL.

It does not, however, link back to the Webflow Project, so if changes are made, we will need to regenerate the PWA again, etc. etc.

If anyone is interested in this kind of support service, just let us know and we can talk.


Hi Herb,

I would be interested in this…
I sent you a PM with some more details…
Feel free to email me on

Best Wishes,


Hi there,

I am interested.


Wow, this sounds amazing. I was thinking Webflow cloud actually expose the codebase through an API to export directly into other languages.

For example, it would be great to transfer the webflow design to React components and build a web app with it.

I’ve also added Firebase to some of my Webflow sites, is this something you are exploring?

I’d like to be able to design the app in Webflow and then get the benefits of Firebase. You could definitely do this, but the components are not web app code like Angular/React.


Vry interested in this as an ongoing service rather than a once off. What are your time & price estimates?
I know that is tricky but just looking at a rough worth doing price now.


Thanks for the interest. We are still doing some testing on the conversion process, so not quite ready to let this puppy sprout wings.

Our pricing will depend upon the size of the project, along with the complexities.

This will be a continuing server, re: each time a WF project is upgraded and we receive the zip export file, it will need to be processed and uploaded to the “https” server location (yours or ours).

It isn’t possible to do this directly from within WF, so each change in the project needs to be processed into a PWA, and resulting files uploaded.

Stay in touch as we expect this service to be available before too long.



Please let me know if you rich the goal!



This would be fantastic! Looking forward to this.


Same here @herb200mph

Where are you at with it now?





We are installing a new computer system at the moment and believe we can demonstrate a PWA conversion at some point next week.

Monitor this thread for an update.


@herb200mph - I’m interested! Also, for those tracking here this is an interesting read:


@rileyrichter Great read, thanks!


You’re welcome!!! :grinning: