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Webflow + Shopify


I run a furniture business in France and plan to build my e-commerce site. While 90% of my sales will be online, I need to be able to get orders from retail stores, fairs, customers on the fly, etc.

I studied countless of ways to archive my goal and to sum up, the ideal solution involve Webflow for the front end and Shopify for the back end.

The idea would be to build and run the site thanks to the Webflow e-commerce plan while transferring all orders to Shopify to manage them. That would allow me to have the best possible, customizable and evolutive website coupled with a centralized and powerful store management solution. Some sort of a win-win situation. Zapier will then work as the bridge between Webflow and Shopify.

I am wondering if someone already used this process to run a store in Webflow. If so, I would really appreciate to have feedbacks on that.

Other solutions would involve to integrate Shopify in Webflow (with the Buy Buttons feature) or import the site in Shopify (with the Udesly Adapter tool). To be fair, none of these solutions are engaging to me for the sake of UX or design and evolutivity.

Hope someone would help me on that.


i had the same problem. I also started with webflow and have no idea of programming. But we already have a shopify shop. Now i am in the process of integrating the new webflow page into shopify. It works fine as long as you don’t make your product page too complicated.
If you are going to open up a brand new shop, why don’t you stay with webflow?
I wish that would be the case with us :wink:

Good luck!


I totalt agree about staying with Webflow. I have moved my Shopify to Webflow. BUT… Webflow do not have a POS yet.

I love WF and really hope that WF will push the development with the eCom part. At the end I’m sure WF will be the winner, but pls we need some basic futures to compete with Shopify now

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I wish I could do everything with Webflow but their e-commerce features are at the ground level right now. My business needs POS features, manual orders as well as other payment solution than credit card.

Shopify is way ahead of Webflow in term of features but lacks of aesthetics and adaptability. I need those features and so Shopify.

Any people having tried my idea already ?

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