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Webflow site pages in a Facebook Page Tab


Is anyone else having difficulty using Webflow pages as content for Facebook Page tabs? I can “embed” pages from WordPress, Squarespace, and other hosting platforms in custom Facebook page tabs with no problem, just not pages hosted on Webflow sites.

There is nothing special about the pages I’m including in the tab, no page from any of my Webflow hosted sites work.

In the tab on the Facebook page, I get the error message:

Error 503 backend read error
backend read error

Guru Mediation:
Details: cache-iad2131-IAD 1518204164 1709477613

Varnish cache server


How are you doing this? Are you following some tutorial?


created a facbook app with an associated page tab:

The page referenced in the page tab looks like this when view on the live site (not a Webflow site - an Adobe Business Catalyst hosted site):

…and injected into the Facebook page under the page tab created by the app. Note the page renders responsively within the Facebook page for the selected tab:

Creating content on a Facebook page associated with a page tab works for sites hosted on Wordpress, SquareSpace, GoDaddy, Adobe, etc. I can inject or embed any valid HTTPS url into a page tab of a Facebook page. Very helpful for sign-ups, listings, anything a client want to feature on a Facebook page. This approach doesn’t work for any pages on Webflow sites, I’ve tested on multiple Webflow sites, same error message. Facebook is no help, they say it is a Webflow CDN caching issue…

Now with a Webflow hosted site. Here is a similar Facebook app with a page tab, note the reference to a valid Webflow site page:

…and the resulting error on the Facebook page when the page tab is activated:


Hi there! I’m on the Webflow Infrastructure team and I’m going to open a ticket with our CDN provider. Can you give me a little more information to help?

Can you give me the full URL of the site that you’ve put in the “Secure Page Tab URL” field?


Chris Snell



Thanks for working on this issue. is the url placed in the “Secure Page Tab URL” field of the Facebook app. Let me know if you need anything else, and thanks again for your efforts!