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Webflow Slider Arrows Not Working


Hey there! My published sites Sliders aren’t working for some reason. When I click the arrows nothing happens but in the Webflow preview everything works fine. Click a tree using the cursor to open a slider. Appreciate any help on this !

Published site:

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi @tox

This is a known limitation with the Slider. Currently, if a slider loads on a page as display: none, the slider arrows don’t work.

Until the team resolves this issue, we do have a workaround you can use. Please reference Dave’s post here:


Hi Brando,

I dont quite understand what you mean. The Sliders Im using are all display: block on page load, just the div they are contained in is display: none.


Hi @tox

This issue will happen even if the slider’s parent elements are set to display:none on load, unfortunately.


Hi Brando. Sorry to hijack but i am struggling with the same issue however none of the divs are set to display:none.

The sliders on the first work example function correctly, the sliders on the remaining work examples don’t? ‘Sliders are within the Work Section’

Any ideas or am I missing a trick?

Here is the staging and read-only link:


Hi @thinkrandom

I’m not able to find that page. It looks like these sliders are working as expected though:


Can you share the other page you are having trouble on?


Hi Brando,

Thanks for your response. They are Divs of the same section - navigation is bottom right. I have opened a topic here and also a screen cast here which shows the slider functions not working.

Hope this helps, look forward to your response.



Ah thanks for clarifying @thinkrandom.

It looks like there is an interaction that happens when you press Click for more. The box that’s initially hidden is being set to display:block. Because the slider is a child element of the box, the slider won’t work. This issue will happen even if the slider’s parent (the box) elements are set to display:none on load, unfortunately.

Can you please try implementing the above workaround I shared that Dave created? This should help resolve the issue.


Hi Brando, thanks for the response.

Thanks for spotting this, makes sense now.

With regards to the workaround - not 100% sure how this works or that it is relevant as I have not used a javascript modal?

Any further hep on this would be appreciated.




Hi Brando,

Had a play and made some tweaks which seems to have enabled all the sliders to work.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Brando,

Just to clarify, the issue only occurs when display: none is on page load. I got round this by adding this action to a element trigger and all is good.


Nice, thanks for the info on this work around @thinkrandom :bowing_man:

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