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Webflow Staff: Recognition for awesome Webflow service


How about recognition system for awesome service vouched by users to webflow staff?

Today I received awesome service, and much learning, from the first person I came in contact with since joining Webflow. He went an extra mile to helping me today and it was not his first time. He provided consistent customer service I guess to many members here. He is the Webflow Viking : Dave Sloane @cyberdave

I highly recommend providing service recognition to those who display it at Webflow. It can be vouched by members too. Here is a thank you in Webflow colours!


Agree @cyberdave has helped me out on many occasions, thanks!


@Ali, @Aaron, thanks guys I am happy to help wink Cheers, Dave


+1 Dave is awesome! @cyberdave


+1 Dave and also Vlad, awesome support when I've needed it. Thanks guys.


Cyberdave, awesome Guy. Always ready to help.


Owww I think here is no such person on the forum who do not like Dave blush


Dave is ok in my book.


woooo!! GO DAVE! smiley



We love ya @cyberdave! smilesmilesmile