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Webflow Subdomain Security Warnings


Hey @webflow,

I'm not sure this is supposed to be happening... it just started within the last couple of hours...


I thought all [site] websites weren't https ?

Try connecting without https and see how that goes.


I pay for hosting (CMS), and my setting for SSL on my project is on.

The http:// URL also shows the same warning on my password page there.

Why is it unsecure?


I could be wrong, but if you do have hosting then the SSL will only work with the 'live' site (your own domain) and not the domain.

But again, I could be wrong :grimacing:


You're not wrong.
The SSL you buy with your hosting only works on your domain and not on

I visited the website and had no problems :slight_smile:
No warnings or any problems, just a request for a password.


You both are right!

I wonder why I just now started getting these notices... :thinking:


That, I honestly don't know :confused:

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