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Webflow Team Photo


Hello fellow creators, I have a question.

Is there a photo on the Webflow site (or anywhere for that matter) that shows all of the team members? I'd just like to know who everyone is, because I'm interested in knowing who the people are behind the avatar photo.

Maybe they could even make a team section later on, who knows? blush


We don't have a team photo (yet). But you can meet the team behind your favorite Web Design app here:


Thanks @PixelGeek! Webflow has a LOT more staff member than I thought, haha. smile


And there are more of awesome people than those listed there wink


@bart ask @thewonglv to add you in wink


Cool. I can't wait for Webflow to eventually make a team section. I assume with the amount of staff, they will make a separate site like


Congratulations @bartekkustra on joining the Webflow team!!!!!!! Woohoo 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


Whoa Bartosz when did you become webflow staff? Congrats!

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