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Webflow templates: How to use symbols


Dear forum,

I have read the submission guidelines regarding the templates: Within the section "Template Requirements", there is a text about "Symbols". Symbols sound great, but I can not figure out how to use these (I am a Webflow newbie within the trial period - so may I miss something)... Or is this text regarding a new feature which is not release yet? smile


It's up to webflow staff to comment on it, but i've heard (and hoping) that it will be released soon. Especially now that they've mentioned it in submission guideliness wink


Haha this is coming very soon. Sorry for the confusion! Will add a little note "Coming Soon". smiley


@Sommer @rowan - we have a beta version of Symbols that we're testing now, if you're interested in playing around:


I love the idea of a symbols feature, but there is one thing I noticed when trying to implement it today on a project - you can't style the symbols?

Basically what I was hoping to do was to use a large version of an image and use the same symbol for a thumbnail, but scaled down using percentages.

Wouldn't this be a common use for symbols to relieve some bandwidth downloading images?