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Webflow Website "What's Been Made" Cool! - How'd you create images


I know this is off topic but those laid down images of different websites made w webflow are cool. Anyone care to share the secret to how to make those - or point me in the right direction. I'd like to do that to the jet fighter images on the site I am developing. You can see how crappy my attempt turned out. Would be grateful.


Hi mate,

I assume you mean these:

if you have photoshop then simply download this (link below) and apply your images to them - then save as images.



You are awesome! Thank you - that's exactly what I was looking for. See how I was able to use it. Much cooler than my amateur attempt. Thanks again bud!


Just a note on your website.

The top right image (airport gates) is massive / huge.

I'm on a very fast line... and I could "see it download".