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WebFlow-WordPress, is it possible to modify the exported pages?

Just stumbled upon the plugin WebFlow Pages - WordPress.
Once the pages are exported from WebFlow to WordPress, is it possible to modify (slight adjustments) the elements in WordPress?
I LOVE WebFlow, I wouldn’t say the same about WordPress.
I would like to

  1. build a “blog-landing-page” in WebFlow.
  2. export it to WordPress.
  3. in WordPress, use the WF-exported-page as “container”, but pull the blog content from the WordPress database.
    Is it doable?
    I’m a newbie in Site building…

Hi there! I don’t think you can insert Wordpress content into Webflow pages using the Webflow Pages plugin. From my understanding, all content for those pages has to be added in Webflow, then the plugin treats your Wordpress site as the published destination. Here’s the University page about it:

Hope that helps!

Thank you!

Will watch it right now.

Have a blessed day!

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