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Webflow's Dashboard Concept


Hey guys!

Another fun project I've been working on last week.
It's not 100% finished as it turned out to be (a lot) more work then I originally thought.
But I'm gonna share it anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know your thoughts!


that's pretty slick.


I started checking this out & through "yeah this is pretty cool"....until I realised you'd built all the tabs, sidebar sections & everything else! SUPER NICE!!!


@EvanJones Haha yeah man there's so much small details :laughing:


Wow, great stuff :beers:
It really gives the idea of the possibilities of the backend system.
I would also love to have Google analytics/webmaster++ integrated into Webflow, as well as Slack Asana and [put your favorite project management tool here.]

Nice animation of @Waldo by way :smile:


The link doesn't work anymore? :slightly_smiling:


seems the server is bouncing a lot.
Sometimes you get the site. Sometimes not.
I might be wrong though. That's just what I've encountered.
I just opened it.
Try again.


@Revolution @kasperkazzual Yeah I'm experiencing the same, tried again and it was back up.


Just got a chance to stumble upon this, the concept looks absolutely fantastic!


Really really really cool. Great job on this!


Really fantastic work Sidney! Keep it up sir!


@seank @DharmaNode @aegnorkeil
Thank you all! It's really appreciated, glad you guys like it! :sparkles:


OK, this looks awesome!