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I have a website which needs to be changed quite often.
Until now what I’ve done is duplicated the live website, so I’ll have a development website, and when finished making the changes, I swap between the two, i.e. cancel the live website hosting plan and add a hosting plan to the dev website, but since I pay on a yearly basis, this way I’m still paying for the canceled hosting plan.
So I was wondering if there’s a better way doing that?

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You can duplicate pages within the existing project and work on those instead, then swap the URL of the old and new pages when you’re done.


Thank you @samliew, why didn’t I think of that…? :grimacing:


No problem! It does take experience and some planning to do stuff in Webflow.


Hi @samliew, I do have a problem with this solution since when I make changes to global classes in the same project, live pages are getting affected as well.
Is there any simple solution to this issue?

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