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Website for Irish Countryside Castle


This is simply a brochure website I built using webflow. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged!


Nicely done! Love the way you picked up the turret crenellations in the section separations.

One thing I noticed is that on the history page, your body copy images are missing. That leads to a LOT of text without it being broken up much. I don't know if you took the images out, or if there's a link issue. In any case, that page really does need to be broken up with some images.

Oh, and I think it could use a few more subtle movements for sections and photos. Nothing major, just something to catch your eye as you're scrolling.

Congrats on the work. It's very appealing. :slightly_smiling:


Awesome site man! Love the fonts and images + the fade interactions are smooth :smile:



looking good @Diarmuid_Sexton I like your simple, beautiful designs.


hey, thanks for the feedback - and thanks for the spot on the photos in the history section! I've just put in a fade in interaction on some of the text also just to make the pages a little more dynamic - maybe i could do something with the images...i'll be revisiting it in the next week.

Thanks again!


Thank you @jbleroux - KISS is my motto - Keep It Simple Stupid!