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Website is zoomed out on mobile


Hey people!

When I go on to my website on mobile the whole thing is zoomed out. My 'About' page works as it should, however the rest of the pages does not. How do I make it appear in the right position?

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Hello @jennynguyen,

Could you please update your read-only link? Old one seems doesn't work.

How to Share a Read-Only link to my site:

Thanks in advance! :smile:


Hey @sabanna! Updated! :blush:


Ok, Jenny.
I found the reason :smiley:

One of headings has 400px width and cause overflow. On mobile screens it shift all content to the left, because it count body width equal wider element width.

Change that value and everything will be fine



Ah - fantastic! Thank you so much for your help :smile:


Always welcome :blush:

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