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Website rendering issues


I have created this website, unfortunately I am facing some rendering issues and my site isn’t rendering the same in all browsers and devices.

It also shows old data in some devices, I tried Ctrl+F5 and force load but I face the same issue, I also tried to minify HTML, JSS and CSS , but still face the same issue. Am I missing out any vital element in designing?

Original site:

Views in other devices


Hi @Sukrit_Sarkar that’s very odd behavior, could you please visit this page and take a screenshot of what you see?

Specifically, we need to see us-east-1 on that page when you visit it. I wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior on this end.

Are you by chance on a closed network or VPN when accessing the site? What I’m seeing is that the CSS is not loading on your site in your screenshots but I cannot reproduce that on this end.


The website isn’t published anymore, but if you are still having trouble with CSS loading on this site, then please post a screenshot of what your browser’s network tab shows for “CSS”. You may need to hard refresh for it to show up.


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