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Website scrolls horizontally


Hello all,

I am new to webflow and maybe this is supposed to work this way, but when I publish my project to, it scrolls the whole page horizontally for few pixels. It wasn’t the case yesterday and I dont recall doing anything weirdly with the layout.

Anyone knows how to remove this?
Thank you!




Hi @eki_kadic

Welcome to Webflow and the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

You can see the horizontal scroll too in the Designer, just without a scroll bar. It seems to fix it if on the Body you select ‘overflow hidden’.

Div block 25 looks the most likely reason for it happening as it extends beyond the viewport.

Looks like you’ve got some interactions going too, but hopefully this is helpful?


Hey @StuM

Thank you very much! Looks like the problem was hiding in “div block 25” as you mentioned.
I entered value for div hight to “auto”, placed “background image” and it worked.

P.S. Yes, I am playing with interactions. It’s quite powerfull and fun, but can’t seem to figure out this one thing where the “underline” on page load (Hero Text), appears instantly. I want the “underline” to be interaction for the “Text link’s” hover state. Any tips?

Thank you once again! :slight_smile:


Hi @eki_kadic

Glad to help!

Sometimes when working on an ‘exit’ or ‘second step’ animation, it’s easy to duplicate unnecessary steps - and looks like that’s what’s happening here.

If you delete the first ‘div block 37 - scale’ on ‘Underline Out’ you should see the hover in/out effect I think you are looking for:


The blue text should now only have an underline on hover :slightly_smiling_face: