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Weird flickering images


Hi! Recently we’ve discovered a bug on our website, but only for mobile unites. In the link down below
I’ve put a few pictures to show you what I mean. It seems like the images och our product is flickering and I thought I could get help here! Also you can see that our products are separated in a weird way. We have never encountered this bug and we really hope there’s a fix for this somewhere.
thank you in advance!


Hey @Alexander_Nerpin

Could you provide a read-only link + the link of your site so that I can take a look?
Here is how:



We have just exported the code and we did some own coding. So i don’t have a direct link to my project since it’s not complete in that statement. but the websites name is
It’s a Swedish website but the flickering only appears from your mobile. And so does the splitting products thingy

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