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Weird Problem with ZIP Exports


Hey guys,

So, when actually visit my website (by going to the URL, and for reference I am using the Metric template), I get this:

but when I download the ZIP file (by exporting the website) I get this:

Any reason why?

Issue with exported HTML

Anybody? Sorry, I'm a noob at this stuff and need some help ^_^


Hi @aniruddh, is it possible for you to share your public link to your project (you can enable link from site settings) and then post that read only link here. Alternatively, you can PM with your webflow domain name and I can test this, but likely the issue is that in the export, there is some unused white space in the export that is causing the elements to appear differently in the exported html vs the site hosted in Webflow, so you would need to use an online html compression utility to strip that whitespace and "minify" the html. I would need to look at your site to know this for certain, but there have been cases in the past, that for some particular layouts we have seen this issue.

The sites that are hosted in Webflow are already minified, so this is why you generally do not see this issue with sites hosted online in Webflow. Sites that are exported from Webflow are not minified (this is to keep it easier for people to modify exported site html markup using an html editor).


Definitely. The public link is here:



Got it to work using HTML minifier. Thanks again for the tip!


Here's another good explanation on why this happens and some solutions:


Here's more info on what causes this: