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Welcome! - If you're new here, introduce yourself

Hi there,

I’m a newbie and working on converting my companies website to webflow.

I’m really enjoying the tool, and though I am not a designer (I manage my companies web platform), there’s a ton of stuff I’m learning.

Hoping we might one day switch to webflow, and so giving it a real life road test and proof of concept.

Really looking forward to seeing this great tool develop.


Chello fam,

I came across webflow through the legend designer Ran Segall. As an experienced freelance graphic designer myself and being proficient in Adobe CC, the visual experience and UI of webflow caught my attention and reminded me of adobe applications. I am going to be using webflow to build clients websites more quickly and efficiently.


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my name is Valentin, a 19 years old student in marketing management. I love web design & marketing that’s why im here to stay.

Im from the Rhineland in Germany.
Hoping for a nice communication and exchange in ideas. Glad to be here!


What’s up Webflow-ers!

My name is Melina and I’m really very thrilled to be here. I am an Art Director, Visual / Product Designer, and Graphic Designer—currently working at a large tech company in San Francisco and just joined Webflow about 3 months ago. It’s such a powerful tool and I would love to learn how to enhance my front-end chops to take my designs to the next level. I have very little knowledge in development and while the platform is incredible, I find myself in despair at times because I will be jamming on a design, then run in to something and feel like I don’t know what in the world I am doing.

I had a really fragmented and crazy start to my design career which made things a bit out of place and choppy. That fragmentation sort of carried over in to a lot of my career experience, which definitely impacted my work and kept me from learning some fundamentals of web design. The rest of the story involves a lot of all nighters involving wine and youtube tuts. Nonetheless, I am still here pushing pixels and ink—I won’t ever give up. My goal is to devote as much time to wrapping my head around how to custom build the designs the I have created and I know that I have to have a well rounded understanding of front-end dev. In the interim, I’m using Webflow for simple designs. Looking forward to diving in to this community!



Hey Melina,

Welcome to Webflow and the Webflow community.

You’ve definitely made a great decision to use Webflow and you’ll find the Webflow community to be very friendly and helpful, along with all the learning resources that Webflow produce you’ll be able to create those designs into awesome websites before long!

There is a bit of a learning curve, and a good understanding of the ‘Box Model’ will go a long way, but it sounds like you have the perseverance to make it happen.

All the best in your Webflow journey.

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Hello Community! I am Konrad, communication designer and cofounder of napad studio. We are just leaving other web tools and deep dive into webflow. Just start our first commercial project on webflow so stay tuned!

A little bit about my self:
Dog lover
Coffee addicted
Mountain freak

Greetings from Poland

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Hi, I’ve just joined after spending most of my day lurking around.

Currently using WordPress, my website is a mess and needs a lot of work.

I built my first website in 2004 although I did cheat a bit by using the Godaddy site builder in the early days, moved to WordPress in 2015, long story short my online business is still struggling and don’t have the time to keep up with all the changes and annoying problems so I’m hoping to start a whole new project on here if I can summon up enough patience at my age to learn something new.

I think this looks like a great community, I’m looking for a place to share ideas and help each other grow online as small businesses through new developments in tech and cloud services.

Also interested in hearing from any others in Australia, especially if you’re self employed or a small growing business.


Hi, I am Antonio. Graphic and Web Designer :slight_smile:


@woodman and @iAntis welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll both find some people to connect with :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome @PixelGeek

The webflow buzz became so loud that I had to finally check it out for myself.

Found myself helping a startup with some light web/ word press management earlier this year. Lots of experience with Adobe programs and need more flexibility than what Wordpress themes can deliver.

Looking to find help and offer help with my experiences as I dig deeper into webflow.

Webflow tutorial videos are great, it’s also amazing to see live building of a page/site and the hurdles that even experienced users hit when developing/designing.


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Hello everybody,

My name is Sérgio, I am a Brazilian Graphic and Digital Designer based in Amsterdam. I’ve discovered Webflow about a year ago and I have instantly felt in love with this tool, because it is something I’ve always wanted, a way to design, built and launch without knowing how to code.

I’m here looking for inspiration and to learn from professionals from all around the globe.

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Welcome to the forum…:blush:

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Hello, Demixl is here )) I am a newbie

Welcome @Demixl . How did you find Webflow?

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A friend of mine said that all the geeks are here. And if I need help there are only two platforms webflow and github


@Demixl welcome to the forum :wave:

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Salut, Nelson and everyone.

I’m new, just starting out with webflow and it seems super promising!

I’m a freelance full-stack art director and designer, born and raised in Los Angeles, but now living in France. Most of my clients are based in the US, and the majority have some kind of web component that is a part of their project. I would love to know more about webflow for building smaller sites, landing pages, etc.

I created my first post in the forum, but it was over the July 4th weekend, and I think it got buried. I haven’t had any replies for a couple of weeks : (

If anyone would care to check-out my first post, and particularly if you’ve had luck customizing sliders/carousels, I would love the input. Here it is:

Thanks so much everyone!


Hello World!

I’m the co-founder of a small agency called Clade Design in Asheville, NC. I used to work as a designer at Adobe in SF with my husband before we started our agency together, and now we work from the beautiful smoky mountains.

I used to dabble in front-end development, but Webflow makes it super easy for me to handle fun animations and hand off websites for our clients. It’s been great so far, and I’m hoping to use it more!


Hey all :fox_face:

Thanks @PixelGeek for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves.

My name is Andrew, I’m a design apprentice living in Paris. I work for a company called VOD Factory, and am completing a master’s program in Digital Art Direction.

I’m new to webflow (as well as web design, I’ve mostly done print work) and will be using it to redo my company’s website.

Here’s where I’m at so far.

Here’s my company’s current site

I actually had a question and needed some help, I tried to create a thread following the community guidelines but it got flagged as spam by Akismet, guess I’m too new of a user. :upside_down_face:

Looking forward to learning with you all!

:fr: Et s’il y a des français parmi vous, hâte de collaborer ! Y a-t-il des meetups qui s’organisent sur la capitale parfois ?



@akearns welcome to the forum! I know there’s several people here from France. I’m from Belgium myself but my French is as rusty as anything :smile: .
Have you tried posting another topic about your issue?

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