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Welcome! - If you're new here, introduce yourself

@sarahfrison Thanks for saying hi :blush:
I have not yet tried to post a second topic, I was afraid it would be flagged as spam if I reposted the same thing.

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Hi Family,

Born and raised in Tucson Arizona.

After success and failure from previous ventures, I was having trouble honing in on what it is exactly I wanted to do. Started with Amazon FBA, but to do it right, the barrier of entry was too high. Then “drop shipping”, but don’t like the idea of having to rely on 3rd parties to handle QC, Branding and Shipping. As my options were running out, I discovered affiliate marketing. I love the idea of providing great content and value then being able to monetize your hard work!

I knew that I needed a website and as I felt in the past, it needs to stand out. “Website Building” research here I come.

When I had my Music Production Store back in 2006 I was using eCommerce solutions like Andale and Zoovy and was trying to build sites with tables, using Dreamweaver. :open_mouth: Didn’t have time for the complexity as I was running the store. Then I tried Wix and hated the limitations. I didn’t like the limitations then and I don’t like them now! Wow, I would have thought Wix would have been way more advanced by now.

I knew it was time to crack down and learn code. After realizing this was going to take years of implementation, which I don’t mind, but my living conditions require that I figure out a faster way, I thought I’d give Wix another try and yeah… no go. So I started digging and got caught up in CommerceHQ and the “Drag and Drop” app was horrible! Finally during my full fledged research, I stumbled onto Webflow. This is when things started to change for the better.

Yes, I understand there are limitations with Webflow as well; however, things feel different here. I’ve always said that companies are so concerned about training for the job and its duties… forgetting psychology and human behavior. I believe a large portion of training for all companies SHOULD include training on human behavior. I believe Webflow understands that. They are ecstatically involved with the community. They understand the needs of our clients’ client and us. They are systematically launching these upgrades and updates in the order of importance, but rest assured they will build our dream app.

I’m sure it took time for technology to catch up in order for a product like Webflow to exist, and rather than putting out a product that only fulfilled half of what’s needed, they waited till technology caught up, but built the community first. Brilliant. Now with these web browsers providing a lot more capabilities, we are starting to see Webflow flourish.

There’s a lot more work to be done, but I’m glad I’m on board with Webflow and its community. With all the opportunities Webflow is going to provide, I’m 100% confidence I’m in the right place.

Past Accomplishments:

  • Owned a Music Production Store for 10 Years
  • Music Producer and Engineer (Point Blank Music School Graduate)
  • Music on Jersey Shore, Dog Whisperer, What Not to Wear and More…

I also love kids. I guess it’s because they are so nonjudgmental and funny. If I could hang with a couple of known artists it would have to be Neelix and Boris Brejcha. :stuck_out_tongue:


I created a separate thread, but wanted to say hi here as well :wave:

Thanks for setting this up @PixelGeek and for everything else you do for the Webflow community!

A little about me:
Hi, I’m Bryan… currently living on an island off the coast of Maine.

I’ve been using Webflow for a few years now, but recently decided to double down and get more involved in the amazing community here (ironically, this decision happened like 2 days before they shared the huge round of funding they just received). My background is more in product and UI/UX design rather than web design, so most of my day-to-day work happens in Sketch/Figma/InVision. I’ve been using Webflow for my portfolio and other personal projects though, and it’s the first visual editor that I actually believe in!

I’ve previously helped nearly 3000 designers improve their user interface animation skills with my course on InVision Studio, and now I’m hoping to redirect some of that knowledge and effort toward Webflow.

Glad to be here!



Howdy y’all, I made a post yesterday after signing up on the Forums but didn’t see there was an introduction thread!

So anyway, my name is Josh, I’m from Houston, TX, working at a small creative agency down here by NASA. I’m somewhat new to the web development world, having built a couple tiny Wordpress sites before coming onboard here back in April. Since starting my new job I’ve done a site in WP, as well as a single-page in Wix. During that second project was when my higher-ups and I started digging into this “new” platform called Webflow.

I’d heard the name before but never did too much research. However, with a new contract involving a pretty hefty web redesign planned, we figured Webflow would be the way to go! All of this to say, I’ve never actually used the platform before (as I’m truthfully a graphic designer / animator) so I figured as I begin working through this contract, signing up and getting involved here in the Forums would be a pretty smart idea!

I think that about sums it up. Graphic designer-turned-web dev excited to join the community and make some exciting projects with Webflow (and y’all’s help :sweat_smile:)!

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@jhighburger hi there! welcome to the forum :wave:

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Hi guys!

My name is Nicolas, I’m French and co-founder of, a webapp & a community to make the web cool again!

We believe that real-time 3D / WebGL allow us creating interactive and immersive digital experiences and give life to websites! Unfortunately, it’s still quite complicated to masterize from scratch, so we’re building a no-code platform to create and embed cool interactive stuff.

Apart from that, I’m a big fan of football (Allez l’OM) and music (I sing and rap)!

@Naker_Make_the_web_c looks cool, welcome to the forum. Just so you know, we don’t allow people to simply post about their product all the time. You’ve got to come and play too :slight_smile: