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Welcome! - If you're new here, introduce yourself


Hi, I’m introducing myself.

Also, the welcome message you are sending to new members is saying to introduce yourself, and it points to a locked thread. Might want to update that. Cheers!


Hi @Jason_Gaylor Welcome to the community! :smiley:

:grimacing: thanks for the heads up. I’ll look into that.

How long have you been using Webflow and besides web design, what else do you do?


Hello, I’m Jason, I’m a self-employed designer with experience designing end-to-end digital products for mobile and web platforms. I work mostly with tech startups. I’m also interested in video and audio production.

Side-note, one of my recent bug reports in the forum was caught by Askimet. Any chance of getting that looked at? I fear it will sit in spam for who knows how long and I was hoping to see if there’s a solution :frowning:

Oh, and I’ve been using webflow for quite a while. Amazing product.


Welcome @Jason_Gaylor

I’ve unlocked that thread now (they auto close after 60 days - thanks for spotting!)

I’ll merge this one into that thread :slightly_smiling_face:

cc @PixelGeek


like to introduce myself here :stuck_out_tongue: I am new to webflow and to the world of design in a way.
I am Yan here, from Singapore.
Moving into UX ( possibly research and design aspects) as mid-career switch after 10 years of experience from education, running my own small luxury business ( e-commerce based and retail based where I get to learn so much about designs, user experience and customisation) and now into health+fitness…

My knowledge for technical stuff is limited to HTML ( which I acquired during my college days with ecommerce), and never got the patience to go deeper into CSS and Java.

Been dabbling into creating my own sites using wordpress and I find most of my frustrations lie with how most templates out there rely so much coding knowledge and that limits my creative expression!!

Found out about webflow, when I decided to embark on UX Immersive at GA, and after much research, I am convinced that webflow is the tool I am looking for to create concepts and stories visually, because of its versatility.

I am determined to learn this and really looking forward to get as much help and contribute as as much as I can too.


Hello everyone, my name is Zakaria. I am a new user of webflow from Bogor, Indonesia. :yum:
I join this forum to learn more about webflow website builder and find some other Webflow users from Indonesia


Hello Everyone,

My name is Lawrence Johnson and I am new to Webflow and Web Design. I inherited a website from the company that was managing the site for me which I have to maintain myself to keep business going. That led me to Webflow. I’m a 12 year Veteran from the US Army with a BA in Electrical Engineering Technology and a business owner. I would really appreciate some recommendations or assistance for issues I may come across. Thank you for any assistance provided.

Below is the link to my website


Hi everyone.

I’m surprised that i am just now hearing about Webflow. It was brought to my attention after Adobe’s announcement that they are discontinuing support of Muse. I’ve created a few websites using Muse, some using Dreamweaver and some using Wordpress. If you go back further, i’ve even made some with Microsoft FrontPage…wow! Anyway… I’m glad to have finally find about about Webflow. I’ve been using it for about a month and i love it. Glad to be part of the forum now too.



Hello all,

I’m a software developer, doing - among other things - web apps and (suprise!) even web sites.

Having discovered Webflow, I’m evaluating. Which is to say, I have never used it for an actual project. Yet?

Today I’m having a hard look at the possibility of using Webflow as foundation for an upcoming project. Which is why I am here :slight_smile:

Since I am used to working with HTML+CSS+JS+PHP+MySQL, I can see that a Webflow foundation would be quite a change. Why not, change is good, isn’t it?

Now I’m going to try to see - for starters - how would user authentication work, for a site with a public part and a private, members-only part. This seems incredibly commonplace, but at the moment I’m not even sure it is possible!



@dkc How nice to see more Norwegians here.


Hi Dan and welcome
Here’s a thread on how to do it with Firebase for example.


Interesting, this is a new twist for me. Thanks!


My wife and I own a small retail shop in Flower Mound, TX. The business has been open for two and a half years and is doing well. The name of our store is called “In the Box Pack & Ship”. It was initially started as a pack and shipping store, but has evolved into a variety of offerings such as printing, candles, bath & body products, mailbox rentals, etc. All in all, a very diversified mix for the local walking community that we service. It doesn’t look or feel like a typical packing and shipping store like UPS. It’s very elegant, smells great and the community is very upscale. Everyone loves the service my wife provides. The store is rated 5 stars with over 100 reviews. Our main store website is provided by our membership with the retail shipping association. 3

Anyway, we felt it was time for us to extend our brick and mortar to the web with eCommerce. In looking for a platform, I was initially considering using WordPress and actually constructed a basic site which is hosted on SiteGround. (we are small business owners and don’t have a lot of resources and don’t want to go into debt either which is why I am trying to do most of the work regarding the website myself) It was more for practice, but I found it very cumbersome to use. I then started using Muse since we own the CC suite which we use a lot in our design work for our printing customers; but then of course Adobe dropped the bomb. I decided very quickly that I didn’t want to invest any more time with Muse since we were at the beginning and then ultimately discovered WebFlow. This is truly an amazing tool. I know it’s still lacking in some features, for the professional designers out there, but I think it will evolve as my knowledge and needs evolve and become more sophisticated.

I believe I have viewed all the videos and read most of the blogs and other content, and am beginning to formulate some ideas about how we want the site to flow. However, I wanted to pose a question before diving in any further.

Our web site will be called “In The Box Shops” which will branch off into our shops such as Candle Shop, Bath Shop, Print Shop and Promo Shop. We already have a promo shop web site which was provided with our membership with ASI (an association for promotional products buyers and sellers) and a B2C/B2B Web2Print shop, which is being provided by one of our large printers we work with.

So, my question is, should we make four separate web sites with similar branding, look & feel, etc? Or should we create an initial landing page called In The Box Shops which has links to the other Shops? Both the Promo Shop and Web2Print Shop have their own eCommerce carts, and they have limited ability to customize them (can use CSS), but figuring out how to integrate them into the main “Shops” will be a challenge (for me anyway) so the whole site has a consistent look and feel (maybe embedding them or iframe … I don’t know).

Hopefully this post wasn’t too verbose. I just thought this is a strong community and any guidance or recommendations would be much appreciated.


Hey All!

I am also a newbie, both to Webflow & web design in general :hugs:

My name is Brooke & I love learning just about anything. I do, however, also love deep rabbit-holes to explore & I find myself dreaming up projects outside of my current scope of knowledge HA!

On the professional side, I have 15+ years of video editing, motion graphics & marketing experience. A year ago, I left my job as a creative services director to start my own content creation company. My progress has been slower than anticipated, as I explored many rabbit holes :crazy_face: & I also run a household with my 3 small children [it is mayhem in my house at all times AHH! - they are currently destroying homemade slime & probably my furniture]

Anyway, I am here today because my last step in launching my business is creating my web experience. I had a backend developer friend to code it, however, as any good rabbit-hole I explored, web design became my newest obsession. I started with a prototype in illustrator, got sucked into Muse 2 months before it died [:exploding_head:] & discovered this AMAZING web design program in the past few days.

Needless to say, I am burrowing deep on this one. Hoping I pick it up quicker than Muse & with Webflow’s crash course, templates & those amazing cloning c/p, I am already in better shape. And hands.

So thank you Webflow - you guys are kinda fantastic. Newest fan here! Please keep being awesome!

I’ll post a link to my site once it’s respectable here!


Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Glad to have you here with us. If you have any questions or just want to chat it up with the community, don’t hesitate to communicate. :wink:

See you around


Hi @msteveng

Welcome to Webflow and the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like you have lots of decisions to make! I think unless each of your brands/shops is separate and unique from the others, the best way to build trust online will be to have some consistency across them, either one site or similarly styled sites. Try and do some customer research about how they currently find your brand, and site, and what they would like to see.

Also think about how you will manage each one - will it cause a lot of work to manage different e-commerce solutions in each website, or should you bring them ‘all-in-one’. Webflow is working on an e-commerce solution but there is no ETA on that, however you will find solutions on the forums such as @foxy and @paywithplasso which work nicely alongside Webflow - if you PM either of them with your project details they will give you some great advice.

I’ll keep this fairly short as we are in the intro thread - but feel free to ask folk for feedback in the forum as you work your way through the decisions :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Brooke

Welcome to Webflow and the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to have more creative minds in the community and the different backgrounds that lead here!

On that mayhem thing…yep plenty of understanding here :rofl:

You’ll get constructive feedback and encouragement in equal measure here - so don’t be afraid to show us the site as you build it!


Hi @msteveng.
Nice to meet you! Please let us know if we can help with anything at all.



Hi all, I’m a previous Adobe Muse user (don’t get me started on that!) but I’m kind of glad Muse is going away because I didn’t know there were great programs like Webflow out here! I am so amazed at what this program can do and so excited to start building websites using it. I’ve been using muse almost since it’s beginning, probably about 7 years ago but I can definitely see the potential in using Webflow. I think I sold a new site yesterday so I can’t wait to get it going! Also, I’m so impressed with the help videos, documents and forum on this site!

Thanks for being here!




Welcome @annette! This forum is extremely helpful :slight_smile: so don’t be a stranger! Let us know if you have any questions about getting familiarized with the designer.

See you around :dizzy:

David from Plasso