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Welcome! - If you're new here, introduce yourself


Hey there! :wave: My name is Lauren and I’m from Montreal, QC.

I am testing out Webflow to see if it works with Memberful, which is a tool that makes it easy to sell memberships to your audience. It works quite well so I wrote up a help doc and published it here. Thought I would share it in case it was helpful to any newbies.

Cheers! :smiley:


Hello! My name is Lenny, I am a designer, illustrator, screenprinter and speaker from Durham, North Carolina. I have been back and forth on trying to do my own site. Went through Wordpress, Squarespace, having someone else work on it and I finally sat down and gave Webflow a try and WOW! I used to dev my own sites back in the day and this is hands down the best and easiest tool for modern web design I have ever seen.

One question… Is there a topic or thread with best practices for newbies or anything? I am a little confused by all the classes that seem to get generated when I drag in images and other content. I guess the purpose to to have a ready made classes for styling, correct? And if I dont use them I can just use the “clean up” function to get rid of empty ones?

Anyway… looking forward to learning and making!



Hi @Lenny_Terenzi

Welcome to Webflow and the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you been through the courses?
There are various tracks there - including a full guide, and also site builds.

If you’ve already coded your own sites before - great! You’ll soon get to grips with how you are dropping divs and elements from the left hand side and then styling and animating them from the right hand side.

Yep - Webflow auto generates a class as soon as you start to style an element - you can start with your own, or just style away and then change the name. Cleaning them up - yeah you got it :slightly_smiling_face:


I am just another normal dude trying to be webdesigner, digital marketer, and ecommerce website owner, etc. I could keep going but my focus is waning.


I have been going through them. They are fantastic!


Hi Josh,

thanks for responding.

based on what I have learned, Foxy seems to be a great solution for our needs, especially with the recently announced inventory integration. Since we are tying our hope to be soon, ecommerce sight to our local retail shop where we sell most of these products, I think this will be helpful in managing whats in the store and on the site.

One thing I was planning on reaching out to you guys about was integrating an API with one of our vendors into our eCommerce site. One of our vendors provides us with wholesale printing. They provided us with a B2B/B2C website for printing, but I don’t think we will be able to customize it enough to integrate with what will eventually be our Webflow ecommerce site for our other products. However, they do have an API solution which I thought (I know enough to be dangerous) we could use to integrate along with the FoxyCart solution into our Webflow storefront. I may be totally off base here, but figured it would be worth a shot to mention it.




Hi Stu,

thanks for your reply. I think all your comments are very helpful and am investigating all the options.

I am still undecided as to how to tackle the various “Shops”, whether it makes sense to aggregate them all or keep them separate. I am inclined to keep them together because that will best reflect what someone coming into our store already experiences. But I think I am getting closer on that decision.

Best regards,



New here. Looking to migrate our Shopify store to Webflow!


Hi @msteveng.
Thanks for sending more info on your specific needs. We’re more than happy to help you navigate if Foxy will be a good fit. The key thing to remember is that your products are managed entirely in Webflow. You can learn a bit more here.

So if your print integration needs to provide product information, it will be a matter of getting that info into Webflow. If it’s more about getting info to the print integration after a successful sale (or both possibly) there’s a chance we may already integrate with the service.

Feel free to post (or message us) details on the service you’re using and we can provide more info. Also, we’re more than happy to put together demos/examples and hop on a phone/Skype call as needed. :slight_smile:



Hi @hyunez.
We’ve helped hundreds of Webflow users with their ecommerce needs, a large portion of them moving over from Shopify. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.



Hi everyone,

I am I-Chu, a Taiwanese UX Designer now based in The Netherlands. Aside from my work, I love to dance argentine tango, do water paintings and marker drawings, cooking home dishes, attending meet-up events for artistic & fintech topics, as well as crawling on youtube to learn how people build Apps & Websites in my spare time.

Professionally I am working in an International IT company, experienced with global scale digital products across different industries, my strength lies on the UX Research & UX Design, but most of the time ending every case with UI Design anyway.

My colleague who is an admirable UX/front-end developer recommended Webflow to me, so I took his advice, then fell in love in the first sight. I am now building my personal design portfolio with paid packages, very appreciated to how intuitive webflow functions are for designers, looking forward to discover more in this community!

I-Chu (UXninja)


Hello I-Chu!

Welcome to the Webflow community. Great to see you getting stuck in!

Argentine tango? That’s a very passionate dance! We have a TV show here called Strictly Come Dancing, and don’t tell anyone but I’m a secret fan and the tango is one of my favorite :blush:

I look forward to seeing what Ninja-type stuff you do with Webflow, if you get stuck don’t hesitate to reach out, there’s so much knowledge in the community.



Hello Webflow Community!
My name is Jacques and I am a freelance website and graphic designer from South Africa.

I am new to Webflow and I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks Webflow for all the helpful tutorial videos and awesome program.


I’m not new here but with so many new faces, seems like a good time to say Hello.

Hello! :wave:

I’m Alex, a Quality Assurance Analyst here at Webflow and a Web Designer living in Vancouver Canada.

I started using Webflow in 2014 and have learned a lot since then. I hope you all have the same great experience I’ve had in this community.

If you’re interested in a more detailed look into my story I’ve written it up.

If you have any questions feel free to message me on the forum. :slight_smile:


Hey Webflow Community!

I’m a UX designer and now a “developer” thanks to Webflow :slight_smile: My wife, best friend and I run a small creative group in Washington DC called Oneness CoCreative. We work primarily with clients and projects that contribute positive impact towards the unity of global consciousness. Basically we use Webflow to help people that are healing the world :slight_smile:

Webflow literally helped me achieve my goals of developing websites without hiring developers, and I am forever grateful to be a part of the platform and community. Looking forward to cocreating with you -



Hi! My name is Sofia.
I recently decided to try out web-design and found webflow to be a great place to start. One of the first things I’ve noticed is the great quality of the documentation. It really easy to understand and quite enjoyable!


Welcome! :smiley:

Yes. The education team @Stacy @McGuire @AnnaKelian has been doing some great work. Glad you are enjoying the Webflow University. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the community.

Have fun learning! :smiley:


Hi everyone, I apologize for not introducing myself to the community sooner.

I’m a combination jazz drummer/bandleader and graphic designer/video editor/audio engineer, and hopefully soon-to-be professional web designer.

My previous experience with web design tools has been with FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Flash, Business Catalyst, and finally, Adobe Muse.

A couple months ago when Adobe announced that they were stopping development of Muse I discovered Webflow and was extremely impressed. Webflow looks so good and your community and support so helpful that the Muse announcement, which seemed like a disaster to me at the time, will probably turn out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

So for the first several weeks after the announcement I worked through all of your video courses twice each and your more recent blog tutorials once each to try to get a grip on your interface and the basics of designing with CSS, which I had mostly forgotten.

Now I’m beginning work on recreating, redesigning (to varying extents) and making responsive three of my own, older websites on Webflow: (about 4 years old, redesigned with Muse (originally designed with FrontPage around 2000!), working on this now) (about 13 years old, designed with a combination of Dreamweaver and Flash)
http://www.Drumming (about 5 years old, designed with Muse)

Once those are done and I hopefully have a mastery of your platform under my belt, I’m hoping to start designing websites professionally using Webflow.

I’m really excited right now by Webflow. It looks like the culmination of everything I could have hoped for in a web design platform, with a great future ahead of it. And I’m looking forward to being part of your community.


Welcome! :wave: :smiley: So glad you could join us.

Just like you, I too started with FrontPage. Remember the days when having multiple <frame> tags is the cool thing to do? :wink:

If you have any questions or just want to chat, just post something and either the community or our staff will help you out.

Have fun learning!


Hi my name is Paul, Im new to all things web design. I am creating a website to showcase my photography work and start a small side business. Webflow looks to offer the best of fully customisable templates compared to other similar sites so I’m super excited to create the website I can visualise, but lack the skills to bring it to life. Hoping that I’ll find all the answers here and to open the world of web design! Looking forward to working with you :smile: