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Welcome! - If you're new here, introduce yourself

Hello everyone! At the software agency I work for, we primarily use Webflow for all our clients. I’ve never really had the time to dabble in it since I was on the Project Management side of things. I revamped my club’s website and that’s when I really got into Webflow. I’ve never been a designer before but I found out I really enjoyed it. Now I’m just here to learn from you guys and be part of this awesome community of designers and learners.

Here is my website. Still a work in progress though :blush:


Hey Guys, I’m new to the community. Thanks for having me.

I’m a freelance designer in London. I mainly work in marketing with a specialisation in animation. My main skills are in Sketch, After Effects, Ilustrator and going old school with HTML email.

Got a few clients looking for new websites so I’m learning Webflow now (slowly). My current web design knowledge is pretty poor.


Looking forward to bothering everyone in the forum with my nooby questions :slight_smile:



Hi All
I’m almost 60 (58) and started learning code on Sololearn and Practical Javascript.
I knew this would take quite some time… until I found webflow.
Suffice it to say that I am more than happy with discovering webflow, which means I can start building a client base much sooner.
I’m building a portfolio with friend’s sites first and using templates.
I’m having a problem with animations, at present.
I’m using the lightbox links to display his awards - and want to reveal a box with additional info for the award in question. Then the person browsing could click through to see the larger pic of the award…

Would appreciate some advice :slight_smile: click on artists…


Hello all,
I am Jeff. I run a small business from home. It is related to the construction industry. I am looking forward to getting some tips on how to grow my business.


Exactly. What.He. Said. :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi, i’m Janny, 35, i’m new here:) Few bullets about myself:

  • i’m a beauty artist
  • i don’t go to the gym because i’m lazy
  • i have no children
  • i love organic cosmetics like Soaps
  • i earn enough to suppost my parent

Hi Webflow community,

I’m new to this community, but definitely not new to Webflow. I’ve joined Webflow in the summer of 2016. In the beginning I was very sceptical on working with a new framework after a friend introduced me to Webflow. But after learning how to work with Webflow I’ve started my own company again and providing digital production services, such as rapid prototyping and making responsive websites. If there was a tool like Webflow for making mobile apps, I would also offer app development.

A little background about myself. I’ve been making websites since the very late 90s, studied IT and Business Informatics, worked at web/app development agencies and human-centered design studios, I’m specialised in usability and I offer UX strategy on Digital products/services. Still I like to get my hands dirty and let designs come to live by using technology.

I’m here to provide tips, help some easy and complex issues and looking to learn from other members.

Good to be here, finally.

Reinier (from the Netherlands)

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welcome @reiniermartin! :smiley: Glad you stuck with us since 2016 and super glad that you’ve joined the community.

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Hey! I’m tyler! I’m a graphic designer currently freelancing as well as full-time employed as the in-house graphic designer for a company. I’m looking to build client websites as well as full-scale ecommerce sites for the company. I look forward to ecommerce coming out of beta!
By chance, does anyone know when/if customer portals are available? I would like separate login hierarchies so different prices show for different customer levels

Welcome @TylerLuce to the Webflow community! If there is anything that you need help with, please do not hesitate to ask. This community is just the best!

As far as customer portals, I know that it is not available yet but there are a couple items on the Webflow wishlist so take a look and up vote your favorites.

Again, welcome to the community!

I have another question you may be able to help me with:

3D Cart has an Affiliate Program where an affiliate is given a referral link. Customers then can click on the link and make a purchase. That purchase and link click is then tracked to the affiliate and they receive a % of that purchase.

Is there a solution to do this in Webflow, whether its directly in the ecommerce editing abilities or If I must integrate a solution?

Tyler Luce

tel | 2489827292
@ |

@TylerLuce I am not 100% sure but if you repost this question into the e-commerce category I am sure that one of our gurus could help you out with that question :smile:

Glad to have a chat with you all. Welcome!

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Hello There

I’m new to the Webflow Community but have been using Webflow for years. Stoked to be here. Love the product.



Welcome @calamari, we are so excited you are here!!

Hello Webflow Community!

I chose Webflow as a tool to deliver our new corporate website. Typically as a company we use large CMS systems (We excel with Drupal) but sometimes it’s just too over-engineered so I wanted to find a product that still retained great CMS features but the scope and ability to customise beautiful websites.

After exploring many different options I decided Webflow would be the best fit for us and I haven’t looked back. The product is great and very mature to use in production environments unlike other products perhaps still in their infancy.

I describe Webflow as a tool for development savvy people to adopt as I think you need to understand all of the CSS functions - this isn’t a basic web building program that converts design to code, which is the perfect fit for us.

Our project is drawing to a close with a launch expected in mid February so watch this space.

And finally but most importantly, let me extend my thanks and gratitude to the whole Webflow team and community for delivering such a great product!


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Welcome to the community @PaulN I cannot wait to see your new site!!

Hello, my name’s Rich, I’m in the NW of England, and have been testing and using Webflow for a month now building a client’s basic static homepage, but now need to integrate a subscription service, so thought I’d join the forum as I never created an E-com site before! It’s pretty simp[le in terms of product quantity but will need the Forum’s expertise to get me through.

Glad to be here!


Welcome @RichardS We are so excited to have you here!!

Hello! I am the CEO at Velotio Technologies. We are planning to build our corporate website ( on Webflow. The designs are ready and I am trying to figure the best way to engage a Webflow developer or agency. Any recommendations?