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Welcome to the Webflow Community Forum, introduce yourself!

Hi my name is shimmy i’m a web developer and idea guy. I’m here on webflow to gain knowledge, address bugs, and discuss design interests with my fellow flow duds.

Here’s to the future!

Thanks! So far It’s been helping me just fine! :muscle:t5:

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I’m Queenie Dang, I’m a recent Architecture design graduate from the University of Toronto! I kind of realized mid way through my undergraduate degree that I didn’t want to design buildings, but my love for design was still going strong. It’s been a journey since then to discover my passions and I’ve found myself growing more and more interested in UX/UI design and problem solving. Now I’m more excited than ever to start my UX/UI design course, and I hope that I can create an awesome, personable portfolio site using Webflow to show off what I’ve learned :slight_smile:

Some fun facts about me:

  • I’m a dragon boater! I’ve been coaching a team for 3 years, and we’ve gone to National level championships.
  • My favourite colour is school bus yellow.
  • I looovee technology; everything about the tech world is so fascinating to me and I love absorbing all the latest and greatest tech news!

@Loraynetzq isn’t it hilarious?!

@MarthaGriggs welcome! There is a section for job postings and there are directories for webflow designers too. You can find them by searching the forum :slight_smile: .

@Scott_Daniel not sure I’d call myself a flow dude :joy:. Still, welcome to the forum!

@daangqueenie welcome to the forum. I didn’t know what a dragon boat was, how cool!


From now on you should absolutely just say: “My favourite colour is school bus”

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Hello everyone! My name is Marcus Moraru.

I’m a UX/UI designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. l only recently found out about webflow and so far I am in love with it. I have been lurking on y’all for a little bit now, but have decided to join the discussion. I have a few questions myself that need to be answered!

I’m looking forward to being part of this community!

@Marqueezy welcome to the forum!

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Hi I’m Conor, a digital marketing exec with an Irish medical company. I do some web-design on the side and I’ve only started to use and explore Webflow.

I’m new here :wave: My garden design company needs a new website and being quite particular have set myself the task of creating the website. We created our first one on Serif which is now obsolete. The functionality of Webflow as well as all the help videos makes Webflow a create website design software.

@Conor_Lynch welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ll find this a very pleasant space to be. @rmethom welcome! Aren’t the help videos the best?!

Here from your youtube video @PixelGeek you’re great at what you do!

@silentprogressional welcome to the forum! You’ll find this just as pleasant a space as Nelson’s videos :slight_smile:

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Hi all! My name is Kristie and I design websites and do marketing for therapists. I’m mostly here for discussion on technical SEO & Webflow.

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Hi, I’m from Germany
I’m totally new to website building and very excited to see where it takes me.

I signed up here, because I know that learning a new software can be a pile of work and I hope to find some shortcuts by asking around ^^

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Dear fellows in #nocode! I am very glad that your ads were able to find me on youtube, since I was struggling a lot with wordpress and always ended up confused, randomly trying this and that string of code to finally put my web online. Lots of you know this - changing plugins, updating them, and slowly adding and adding few coins to your budget, with huge amount of effort and stress included. Now I feel that after discovering Webflow I finally teleported my confused nocoder’s self to 21st century. You really made my life easier. And maybe not. Because, first of all, i will most probably never be full time web designer, because my core is eversince stuck in literature and writing. I just happened to start building website for my poetry, blogging, and other stuff. But, you know what? I totally fell for building webs in Webflow! I still do not know, if it is a kind of procrastination that I am doing here, or is it already my new thing, but I love it!!! :slight_smile: So yeah, just saying Hi and Thanks, and I already stumbled upon some some issues while building, so see you in other forums as well!

Have a nice day and greetings to all the #nocode fans. Yay!


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@Lego, @SelfImprovement and @Kristie_Plantinga, welcome to the forum, all of you! I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!


Hello everyone,

Although I’m not a designer, I discovered Webflow a year ago and was instantly amazed by how easy it made it for me to design beautiful websites. I know that there are some kinks that need to be worked out but, honestly, I feel a sense of joy every time I open up Webflow that I don’t get with other software.

It’s definitely the opposite of the feeling I get when I have to use the dreaded product that must not be named…

Also, as a self-taught developer I’m amazed by the projects I’m seeing the Webflow community come up and how the future is literally being transformed with the no-code movement.

Currently, I’m working on a tool called Nocodelytics to make it easy for you to track clicks and engagement on your Webflow sites.

I’m excited to be a part of this community and look forward to chatting with more of the community soon :relaxed:

P.S. March has been tough, right? Hope you’re all doing OK!


Hello, I’m Xuan Vu from Vietnam. I just sign up and using this web platform for my blog. I hope I would learn a lot from here. yến sào
Thank you.

hi everybody! I am danni from china… just discovered webflow last week and very hyped to join this community now!! i don’t have any web design experience but i am looking forward to learning from all of you!!

Hey All,
I’m Levon - Founder @ Zeroqode
We are a no-code product developer and primarily use Bubble but now also consider using Webflow for landing pages. Happy to be part of this community!

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode