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Welcome to the Webflow Community Forum, introduce yourself!

Hello Webflow community!
Hi from Arnhem (the Netherlands)! I just started Webflow after doing some other courses in web development, and I have to say I’m very enthusiastic about Webflow so far. I’m a musician, looking for other opportunities in work and expanding my creativity. My intention is to set up my own business so I can combine my profession as a musician with building beautiful websites for others. I’d like to hear from you if you have any questions, personal or otherwise, maybe I’ll answer ;-). Greetings from Jürgen!

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hello i’m new member here… probably we could share anything about webflow features… cause i still cpnfuse to use web in webflow… regard from me

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Hollaaaa Ollaaaa. Hussein here a new member of webflow

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Hey All,

I’m Moody, the name says it all. I both love and hate technology at once. I’ve published my first Webfloiw site recently, geez what a learning curve and it took an entire week to figure “some” stuff. It may be visual but it’s still complicated to get all of this stuff in the grey matter.

I’ve joined the community because my latest project is causing what little hair I have left to fall out, I need some guidance. That would be rad :slight_smile:

  • Moody
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Hey Moody!
Feel free to open a separate topic to discuss your problem :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, I hope to learn lots and lots :-). About to post first topic.

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Hey, everyone! My name is Dan and I’m the Design Lead at a creative agency in Chicago, IL. My team and I are currently building our new company website, as well as some client sites, within Webflow (WP just wasn’t cutting it for us anymore). We are having a blast and loving how easy Webflow is to use for designers.

Although we are a small but mighty team of designers, we definitely have a lot to learn when it comes to adapting to Webflow – which brings me here, to the community. So excited to get to learn from all you awesome creators and appreciate the help!

Stay golden!

Hi all new people! @Lerche, @Awan_User, @Hussein_Messi, @Moody and @dwerns15MC ! Welcome to the forum. If you’ve got any questions we can help you with, do open a new topic right here on the forum and we’ll do our best to help you out.