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Welcome to the Webflow Forum, introduce yourself!

Happy to have you here!

Hi everyone! I am Leamy , from Philippines. I am aspiring freelancer and please check my website:
Thank you.

Hey Leamy! So excited to have you join our community and thanks for sharing your website. Hopefully, we can help you to create your website in Webflow :smile:

Hi everyone!

I’m new to this, HTML/CSS and all. I have a background in FLASH which I haven’t touched since ~2008.

I’m a motion designer mainly working in After Effects. I thought I should finally have a website up for myself … and was pretty kicked about being able to make an almost replica project id done in After Effects inside of Webflow. Its still a work in progress, but I’m quite pleased with the results so far.
After Effects: Havmor - Showstopper Sundaes on Vimeo

Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.




Hello Webflow family!

I’m a sales & marketing manager, and I started designing with Webflow a few month ago. I was working in the musical instruments industry (as a PM for Marshall Amplification) for many years and made my way into measurement technology in mid 2020.

Recently I decided to relaunch the cronologic website using Webflow as I’ve never learned to code, but want to control my design more effectively than in the past when I was using custom CMS and TYPO3 for content management. I have to admit, that I also like the funny way in which the informative Webflow-Youtube tutorials are implemented.

I hope to learn from this forum and I am happy to help others if I can.


Hello designers! My name is Johnny. I landed a freelance job to build three landing pages and decided to use Webflow which I am really excited about. Hope everyone is having an epic day!


Hi all! I’m really excited about getting going with Webflow—I’ve been a designer for 15 years and I know the basics of code but have always relied on developers and visual builders (sticking with my strengths). Never really been happy with a) the need to explain everything perfectly in order for someone else to execute it perfectly or b) the restraints of most visual web builders.

It’s really been a toss-up between Elementor w Wordpress and Webflow, but I think Webflow has won me over because of the ability to build what I want to build, without 4 million plugins. I’m sure I’ll experience the limitations of Webflow as I go (no platform does everything perfectly), but I’m looking forward to learning, and I’ll be leaning into what y’all are posting here on the forum as I go!

Greetings from Canada! :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @SarahB! We’re thrilled you’re giving Webflow a shot, and we’re so excited as we scale our team (and the Webflow product itself!) to support you along the way.

If you haven’t already, check out Webflow University, where we have full courses that cover Webflow — we usually recommend the 2021 Portfolio Course and the 101 Crash Course for designers getting started in Webflow (especially if you’re looking to fly through the basics and get to some of the more advanced stuff that’ll surpass those restraints you mention of a lot of those other visual web builders!).

On that note, that’s the biggest advantage for those of us who use Webflow every day: it’s a visual development platform, yes, but that visual interface is built to give you control over the same exact style and layout properties used by developers Apple, Google, Stripe, Awwards — you name it. So much full control over CSS in the Style panel…that sometimes it feels like magic. Except it’s not magic. It’s CSS. In a visual interface.

Can’t wait to hear what you think — welcome to the forum!


Time to introduce myself.

I am a Frontend Developer (often full stack) from Germany with over 5 years of experience – WordPress, React (Gatsby), Typo3, Neos, Ruby (on Rails), ApostropheCMS, among others. I’ve tested a lot.

My passion is to help people, and I see that many users have little to no experience with the underlying technologies of Webflow. I read new posts everyday and am eager to help out as I learn Webflow too.

Low/no code fascinates me, because I like simple things and Webflow is perfect for minimalists: No server maintenance, no updates, not a quadrillion plugins, etc.

But to finally build production websites, Webflow needs to address the issues of European users more – especially GDPR and privacy shield (hosting location). Oh, and I need the option to craft mobile first sites.

These two issues are holding me back right now and I hope these will be tackled in 2021. See you to the Community Update in April!


Thanks for the welcome, @McGuire! I’m almost done going through the 101 Crash Course and I appreciate the recommendation to do the 2021 Portfolio one next—will do! :beers:



I’ve been designing websites for a few years (10) and never really liked no-code solutions… until now! Webflow is awesome!!

Working on some fun projects already.



Hello there! My name is CLeison Costa a freelance web developer from Northampton, England, United Kingdom. I think it is a good idea my web project for freelance/personal portfolio site in Webflow, I have learned to improve web creator in Webflow custom a website. Good improve to introduce yourself which freelance or web designer first starting basic build website? To steps any more. Thank you for kindest Webflow.