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WF ecommerce issues


Hello guys,

Just wanted to give my feedback on some important issues i still find in ecommerce.
First of all, great work guys, in my opinion close to perfection for a great launch.
Let’s go here are the few things i found but very important


The email template with price without taxes, shipping, taxes alone, and total price with taxes.
191,98 + free + 36,80 = 228,78
This is how it should look

The email i receive when i order something

2,50 + 0,05 + 0,43 = 2,98 not 2,55
First line is not the price without taxes this time it’s price with taxes but without shipping which is not useful and not legal for most country.


In some country, for example here in France we need to deliver an invoice when customer buy something. In online business, we need to deliver those invoices when we ship the product.

Here are important things we need for zapier API to be able to automate our things.


  • Default order
  • Fulfilled orders
  • Unfulfilled orders
  • Refunded orders
  • Disputed order

We need those in trigger to be able to achieve our things with minimum zaps and so free service (zapier cost 16$ a month if you use more than 2 zaps which in addition to hosting is too much for our clients).

Data (alone not inline)

  • Order number
  • Price without taxes
  • Tax rate
  • Tax cost alone
  • Total price with taxes
  • Shipping price
  • Total number of products ordered
  • Inline product name bought with just product name (ex product1, product2, product3)

Both for invoices and shipping information

  • Name surname of client
  • Addresse 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Country
  • Postal code
  • State

Right now we are many people who can’t launch a legal website without these options.
I understand you guys can’t do invoices for us, or at list it’s not your priority but please clean the api so we can do it ourself.

Of course i’m fully available if you guys want more details,
Can’t wait to launch my ecommerce websites on webflow it’s gonna be amazing :webflow_heart:

@vincent @PixelPanda @brjohnson @Brando @Waldo