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WF users in the UK?


I'm looking at Continuity Planning as I am a Freelancer (never meant to be but there you go!)

Are there any Webflow users in the UK? I'm based in North Wiltshire / South Gloucestershire border and would love to meet other freelancers or agencies that might be able to help.


@tim @Arthur Are in that area I think


hello @Roxzfr Londoner here :slight_smile: Let's chat! We have something exciting in the works if you're able to travel to London.


Hi Tim, I'm interested in finding out more (also based in London)....


Thanks Rachel! Will keep you updated - removed your email to avoid you getting spammed :wink:


Hey guys Aaron here based in Northern Ireland though.


Glasgow here. Get down to Wiltshire and London occasionally.


Hi @tim, nice to meet you. I am in a small village towards the southwest, but only a stone's throw from the M4,and London is very commutable, many people in the village do so each week, I also do have some clients in London. I like the sound of exciting.


Hi @aaronocampo, I spent some time living in Southern Ireland, thanks for replying.


Hi @JohnL - I have friends in Edinburgh, whereabouts in Wiltshire?


Great! Private message me your email so you don't get spammed :slight_smile:


Good morning! @Roxzfr I'm in the beautiful city of Bristolia - just down the road, 20-30 miles away! I'm the closest so far!! Do I win a prize?! Regards - Kai


Hi, a bit far I know but if you ever get up north, I'm in Manchester.


hi @Keejo sorry - no prize! But good to know.


hi @1960creative I have family on the other side of the Pennines, so you never know!


Would be great to catch-up if you do venture up North.


Swindon. Drop me a message if you're up in Scotland. We have an active freelancer & startup scene here.


Hi, I'm based on the Wirral, close to Liverpool and Chester, freelance digital designer & illustrator.


Hey @Roxzfr,

I'm a freelancer based in South Wales, not that far away from you at all. Quick drive up the M50/M5.

Feel free to get in touch!




Hi guys, @Roxzfr. I'm a freelancer based in the far west of Greater London :slight_smile:

@tim – intrigued by the 'something exciting' in the works – tell me more!