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WF users in the UK?

West Yorkshire reporting in.

Hello from rainy Surrey! We should form some sort of group - Facebook?

What’s happening, Tim? Always good to get out of my bedroom and speak to normal people every now and then…

Hi there, Im in North Lincolnshire, just starting out and looking for any work, so would be happy to meet anyone that could help me out.

Hey all! I think a Facebook group for the UK would be a great idea. I will sort something out :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Bradford based here, was in IT support for 24 years, getting into web building with webflow, loving it so far and always looking to learn… Great idea for UK Facebook group btw…


Hey everyone!

Super happy to see this thread popping up :grinning:. Chiming in to invite any of you London area designers to our first official user meetup in London on Thursday, May 11th. Our CTO Bryant Chou (@brryant) will give a brief talk, then we’ll have a panel discussion, along with plenty of time to meet fellow Webflow designers and have some food/drinks while you’re at it!

Hope some of you can make it! To register, check out the event page and sign up.

Hi there, South London checkin’ in. Good to see lots of Uk based designers on board. Interested in any work/collaborative projects. Designer 20+ years. Thanks

I was born in Bradford!

What a great Idea - unfortunately and happily I will be in Greece.

I have set up a Facebook Page

I haven’t made it ‘pretty’ yet, regrettably due to a bereavement I do not have much time. If anyone does have the time and inclination I am happy to add you as an admin.

Hey Hywel,

Also from Surrey! Did this group ever get created?

Appreciate that your post was from 2017!


I’m in the UK, London and Colchester

I am looking to moving back to NI in the next couple of years. Where abouts are you from there?

Hi Ben, no, nothing happened!
I’ve just checked FB and there is no Webflow UK group that I can find, so I made one! Pop along to and become the second member!
I have never set up a group before so happy get suggestions…

Hello @Tom_Tucker I’m in Rathfriland close to Newry.

Ok I’m in! Cheers Hywel

There’s about 20 people joined - a lot from overseas… Perhaps we can meet for a beer when the hoohar dies down. Where in Surrey are you?