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What constitutes a collection item

I would like to know what constitutes a CMS Item. Say I have 100 blog collection pages generated from a single collection list that contains 6 items (image, title, writer etc.)does this count as 6 collection items used or 600 items used. I plan to create a news heavy website using Webflow but need to know that it is going to be scalable seeing as there is a limit of 10000 collection items.

A CMS collection item is one unique item in a collection category.

Below is an example from one of my websites. I have 267 items in my Events category. I use those items in collection lists across 5 different pages. But they are still just 267 items. I just visualize them in different places. The limitation is based on # of items, not # of times you use an item in pages.


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Thanks for clearing that up Alex

Alex - I signed up for CMS hosting and keep getting this message “You’ve created all the items allowed by your CMS Hosting plan. To add more, upgrade to Business Hosting.” I have totaled mine up and I have 50 across 5 categories/collections - the limit is 2000. I went into each of my collections and counted how many fields are in each and that total was only 340. What am I missing?

Take à look at this it might help you