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What do i need? ecommerce, forum or blog?


I want to start a blog about cars! i want to review cars, write articles too.
i want users to be able to post thier cars and receive comments, likes.
i want to establish a buy and sell section too and to post there user should pay a fee!
so what do i need? ecommerce? foum or blogg?


Sounds like a portal…


is it? could you elaborate more!


A portal is basically a catch-all general term for websites that have many forms of content and features, and are usually closely integrated with one another (like same single sign-on account for forum users, user account for site-wide likes/comments, and order/customer account).

However, such a website is not doable in pure Webflow due to limitations.

See ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits for more info


It’s hard to say. I think you need a blog. But it would be easy to tell, if you gave more information.