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What happened to PixelGeek? Where has he gone?


@PixelGeek was such a large contributor to the community and I have not seen hime on hear for ages? Does anyone know if he is still on hear?
Are you ok pixelGeek? smile

Sorry if this post is not inline with the webflow rules?


Awwwww..... .really?! You miss me? Thanks for caring heart_eyes

Lots of things have been happening at my day job. Haven't had much time to get on the forums. I hate giving lame excuses, but disappointed I'm very sorry guys.

Besides my day job stuff, I have also decided to use the power of Webflow to quickly prototype my own web app. Stay tuned for it wink


@PixelGeek Your welcome, its good to be busy, cannot wait to see what you have been cooking grinning

Glad your still on on board with the community smile