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What if Webflow just... stops?

I’m with you, it feels a bit more silent than usual maybe there is some restructuring due to this:

Though the end of the article feels reassuring:

Expect Webflow to move into other areas of software development and app-building in the months to come.

If it’s done in a forward thinking manner then that will be great, pure revenue generation at the expense of more robust design tools it will be another case of another good thing messed up. If anyone has examples of design software post buy out that’s actually improved under the original brand then please do share?

But wouldn’t Accel just want to dumb it down and spin it into an upper subscription tier for Squarespace?
Maybe Webflow was seen as a threat?
Hence the “unusual” $72m investment?
In which case Squarespace gets ‘better’ design tools and what we knew as Webflow gets ‘worse’?

Personally, I have strong doubts that Vlad + team would take an investment at all if Webflow couldn’t keep writing their own playbook as they’ve been doing. I think they saw an opportunity to partner with a firm that would help accelerate growth without the typical “growth at all costs” mentality. If there’s any team that I think could handle a large VC investment and not butcher it / ruin the product, it’s Webflow. :grin:

I’m far more worried about Accel’s track record than Webflow’s.

Ah, got it. Fair criticism.

They’ll need to prove their ‘Series A’ worth to the user base to make good (if that’s the intention) on their investment. (Obviously I’m talking about Accel)

Webflow had pretty great growth prior to the investment, imo this just helps them scale faster, hire and build the features we all want & need.

Curious thought - what have you read re Accel previous investments, and whats making you see a change in webflow? Is it just the emphasised messaging towards ‘no-code’?

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Is there any news on this? Is it still happening? Thanks!

What did change after the investment that webflow dont give any timeframes anymore for any issues of problem or new features.

what makes it really hard to trust webflow. Some features i contacted them about they asnwer “we are going to implement this in the future.” They gave me the same answer about the same question for 2-3 years now i dont think they will ever add it.

Also during Vlads talk ever quarter he liked to talk about upcoming features and possibilities with webflow after the investment this stopped so i think webflow lost some of the control of their own company.

Dont know if this is a good or bad thing

After the investment Vlad could not talk about new features anymore so ye he isnt allowed to write his own playbook if you ask me