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What is causing the space between two sections?


There is a space between "Contact Section" and "Copyright Section" that allows the matte to show through. How do I make sure the sections are abutting?

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It happened because "contact section" has a display: inline-block option.


@sabanna OK…I changed it back to "block" and then it disappeared. Only after I spec'd the "Overflow" to be "none" did it reappear. I have no idea why. Do you have a good resource for learning the "overflow" settings?



Ok, I think it all connected to child elements settings, which have float:left option.
In this article you can find more information (Float Clearing part). There is also link to the article about floating property and how it effects parent element settings

If you still will have any questions, let me know :wink:



Most awesome. Thanks!

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