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What is the IP address that I need to give to the guy who holds the custom domain?


The guy who owns the custom URL has asked me to give him the IP that the website currently sits on/points to. Where can I find this? I gave him what I thought it was, which was:

· Type: A
· Host: @
· Points to:
· TTL: 300

· Type: A
· Host: @
· Points to:
· TTL: 300

He said we can only use 1 A record so he’s used the first one, but it hasn’t worked after 3 days.

Do I have my own, or is it a general IP address that all of us share? I’m not the technical guy here, as you can tell.

Any ideas - I need to get this live asap.

Many thanks.


Your main domain should point to those IP addresses your mentioning. I don’t know why he’s saying just one A record.

But if you’re using SSL as well the IP addresses are different: and


Hi @Markpicton1983

Seems the domain is from 1and1. 1&1 has a fairly limited DNS setup and only allows for one A Record. Adding two A-Records helps with load balancing and redundancy in case anything happens to the primary server so that’s why we have our DNS records setup with two A Records. Basically, if the primary server went down, there’s a backup server to ping to load up your site (simply a precaution). Your site should be fine, but it’s not the optimal setup. I recommend utilizing a third party DNS provider if they’re able to or they can leave it as is and it should be okay.

Since either of those IPs isn’t working, you must have enabled SSL. You can give them either of the following IP addresses as @aaronocampo mention &

Make sure they also create a CNAME record for the www version pointing to

​Hope this is helpful.

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