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What is wrong with on scroll functions?


Hello. I try to call js function on scroll effect.

I found this topic:

But both variants don't work at my site: click here to see

I tried to use a lot of plugins, but all of them don't work well. It seems that Webflow's js code blocks them.

So i need to call this js code $svg.drawsvg('animate'); when it scrolled to one of the div. The last way i tried: to include Waypoints library ( and call it

var waypoint = new Waypoint({
element: document.getElementById('#newnew'),
handler: function() {

And it doesn't work again. What's wrong with me?(


Webflow team,
maybe you could just tell what's method used in Webflow on scroll interactions? What code should i paste to use webflow sourses to call js functions on scroll? It should help a lot...

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