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What user interactions are possible yet with CMS?



on the front page webflow is currently presenting this site:

It seems to contain a like function for images/data. I assume that this means it is possible with CMS?

From what i have seen so far from CMS i couldn't find any interaction the user could take therefore i wonder if there's any kind of poissble user interaction yet?

Some important features i could think about that need to have user interaction:

  • Comments (can of course be done with an external service but still...)
  • Like/Vote functions
  • Form processing in general (Contact forms, content suggestions, newsletter subscriptions, etc.)

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A other feature i realy would love to see is custom filtering of content by the user, specialy a must for building modern webshop these days


Hey @helmi

Right now if you add interactions to an element within a data collection, it will apply that same interaction to all of the instances of that element through the collection.

So you only have to apply an interaction once to a dynamic element (aka element within a data collection), and that interaction will be bound to ALL other instances of that element. smile

I think you can limit functions nested/sibling within each dynamic element block (treat it as a div block which you can add elements to).

I'm a little confused on the Form Processing question? Are you trying to create dynamic forms? That's not possible yet to my knowledge.

Let me know if that answers your question please. smile

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@Waldo thanks for stepping in.

I think i didn't quite get my words right. By user interaction i wanted to ask for visitor interaction. So what is possible here? Can i build forms for visitors to enter data for example to mail them or save them to the database (CMS)? Am i able to build a comments system for the blog? Am i able to collect votes?

I basically love the idea of a flexible CMS over a more unflexible one like for example with Squarespace. And i also think it's worth paying more for this flexibility but without anything regarding user interaction i think a big piece is missing that cuts the flexibility again.


Hey @helmi you can add contact forms with the contact form widget to any Webflow website and setup Zapier integrations with it.

Also, I recommend just adding the Disqus comment widget which works on dynamic pages. They're awesome. smile and free! Let me know if you need any assistance setting one up. It's just an HTML embed. smile

There are many widgets available online smile just Google what you're looking for like a Voting Widget. smile Let me know if you need help setting them up.

Thank you,


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