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Whats a good video to GIF converter tool?


Whats a good Video convert to Gif video tool guys?

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The best GIF generator, with the best size optimization and rendering quality, is Photoshop. I've tried all the tools, softwares, plugins, command line things, still, Photoshop is the best at it.


Hi @koen, You might also try licecap:

Basically, just play the video and record it using licecap. It will create a nice little animated gif of what is happening on your screen, no conversion necessary :slightly_smiling:


Look through this MovieConverter , excellent flexible converters I often use. You can also navigate the site to find other free online tools. Good luck :slightly_smiling:


I agree Vincent. Even though it can be a little tedious, the quality is excellent.


yup, just as cyberdave mentioned above, I also convert video to GIF by recording, therefore I can decide which part to keep. By using this GIF creator, I can easily do this trick for free.