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What's the difference between "Static Page" and " CMS Collection Page"

i need a quick help to understand the difference.
I build a Site with CMS Collections and i saw that always a “template” was created under “CMS Collection Pages”.
I use my CMS Collections under one of my “Static Pages”. I insert there a Collection List, choose which Collection should use and designed it. Everything is working.

But what i don’t understand is, for what i can use this “Template” Sites under “CMS Collection Page”? Especially i ssaw that there are more SEO Funktions?

Should i create my Collections first inside the “Template” Sites? And than rebuild them in the “Static” Sites?

Well, i am confused. I watch some tutorials but could not figure out the difference.

thanks for any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @FromMuc

Good question. The difference between a static page and a CMS collection page is the following.

A CMS collection template page is a page for an object in your CMS. A page is generated dynamically via the content in your CMS Collection so that each item has a individual page with a specific URL and specific content relating to that item. This saves you time as you don’t have to manually create a new page for each item in your CMS.

A static page is simply a page that you design yourself and need to create one every time you want a page with different information/content on it.

Hopefully, that makes sense. I also recorded a quick video explanation too! (1 minute) CMS Template Page vs Static Page

Let me know if you have further questions :smile:

Hi Austin,
this is the site i made yesterday:

Under the Page “Speisekarte” and “Neuigkeiten” i made same CMS ITems.

i am still not understanding it, sorry.

@FromMuc can you share your Preview Link?

How to Share Webflow Preview Link

i edit my last post. now with link.

@FromMuc I may not be understanding your question properly. But here is another video! Hope this helps explain it.

Essentially the templates for your collections. Allow you to design one page for every collection item. And tied the elements to the entries in your CMS. And it auto generates the pages for those based off the template.

Video Walkthrough

Hi Austin,

let me summery:

  • i could build a Template Page for the 3 different Menus (Standard, Daily, Weekly)
  • i am creating 3 collections for those 3 Menus
  • i am linking the information from my collection in this template, like you do.

the question is:

  • do i have now 3 new sites in my sitemap?
  • how could i link them? When i want to link the menu button for example i can only choose between the static pages?