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What's the difference between Update Item and Update Live Item via Zapier?

Curious if there are any advantages to Update Item, as most tutorials and references seem to use Update Live Item

@Alex_Avery update item doesn’t publish the item, it can be used for things that need to stay in draft

Thanks for the reply! Is there a way to “Publish All Drafts” with a single zap?

My issue is that I want to update content via Zapier and then preview it on a staging site, but Zapier/Webflow doesn’t allow for your staging & live sites to ever be out of sync.

My current plan is to “Update Item” as I work on the content, and then was hoping to “Publish All Drafts” to my staging site to do QA before publishing live. I’d like to not have to use a zap on each of the 100+ items that I may be updating.

Maybe another way of asking the question is “Does Update Item save everything as a ‘draft’, or does it ‘stage for publish’ as well?” If it stages for publish, can you then “publish” via Zapier with one zap, or does that require going into Webflow?

If you use the ‘update live item’, it will publish directly to the live site so any items added (say a blog post) will be available on the website so there’s no need to go into webflow and publish the site again.