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What's the difference: Site vs Account Plan?

I’m a little confused here. What is the difference?

I want to host a site but do I need to have both an Account Plan and a Site Plan?

I’ve already purchased Lite Account Plan. Perhaps I just needed a Site Plan?

The site plan is needed per project when your ready to connect your domain and make it live. The account plan just gives you access to the Designer.

But can I have Site plan Lite but Account Plan free?

I believe the plan is “Basic” for static sites (without CMS/Ecommerce) but yes that’s correct. Keep in mind that you can only have two active projects (unhosted sites) and won’t have the ability to export the code among other features available in the paid Account plans:

Hello @Jonathan697,

your Lite plan (16$/month) allows you to work on 10 different projects. Now if you go live with any of those projects and add a custom domain you have to add a hosting plan, which have different prices (basic, cms, ecommerce.) Once you connect a project to a hosting plan, that project doesn’t count for your 10 project Lite plan anymore. Does that make sense?

That does. Thanks for clarifying.

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Hey @Jonathan697,

No worries, it is a little confusing. Do you mind marking this post as solved? This question comes up a lot, and if it is marked as solved it could help other people with the same question. Thanks.

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