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Whats the hostname for the A records IP Address?


Hi there,

I would like to know what the hostnames are for the A records IP Addresses. We are having a few issues with certain clients that require some strict protocols on DNS settings. They need the A records and MX records to point to a hostname rather than IP address for security and protection against spam.

I have the following IPs for the A records

The hostname associated with these are

but when I try to update the value on my DNS provider it says the hostnames are invalid.

Please help.



@IDCARE I believe you would put the host as “@“ and then enter the A records. For SSL set-up, you’ll edit the cname “www”, and update with the host with ssl webflow proxy domain Webflow gives you.

This is the standard way to connect a Webflow website to a domain. Perhaps you are trying to accomplish a different type of set-up.


Thanks @Scott_Van_Zandt

So are you saying instead of the name being my domain “” I change it to @?

Type: A
HostName: @


Correct and Webflow’s connection with SSL enabled is very secure :slight_smile:

Type: A
HostName: @

CNAME example:

HostName: “www”
Value: proxy-ssl.webflow (insert what Webflow gives you)

Here’s a couple links to all the information you could ever want on setting up a custom domain within Webflow :slight_smile:


great, thanks again @Scott_Van_Zandt

really appreciate it. I will make those updates.

With the IP Address, how can I point it to a name rather than an IP address?



No problem!
Glad I can help a bit.

Hmmm, can you elaborate on the use case of this? What specifically is your clients objective for doing this? Thanks.


They said they have certain protocols in place to block those IPs that don’t have the hostname set to a name. The only thing I can remember was that some organisations are doing this to limit risk of security issues and spam.


Hi again,

Just an FYI.

Once the DNS delegated my site went down using the above settings. I have reverted back to what I had.



Can you share a screenshot?


Here you go, the original settings



I can see that your said hostname has A record towards listed IP address. Make sure that you are entering hostname / domain name as domain name server not IP address.


Hi techpunch,

Thanks for responding. I did try point them to the hostname but it didn’t accept them. It said they were invalid. I tried the below.