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What's wrong with my Navbar?


My Nav Links and Logo disappear in nearly every format/device but desktop. What have I done? Help

Ted Dale
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Hi @tdale,

There are a few instances where you have hidden elements at different breakpoints.

If you take a look at your "Top Tabs" class in the tablet view you will notice that you have selected the menu to not display:

You can take a look at the following short video to see the other elements that I found that were hiding your menu:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

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I’m not getting any sound out of this recording, (probably) my fault. I have the system speakers on and the volume turned up on the recording. Any suggestions?



:blush: Oh, there's no sound.

I am currently at my full time job, but wanted to provide a quick solution for you.


Sorry to disturb you at work. I fiddled around with what I saw on the screen, but too dense to figure it out. I’ll check back if there’s a more convenient time for you.

Thanks for the effort,



Oh, no disturbance at all. :blush:

The following steps are ways for you to view your menu at the smaller breakpoints -

  1. First, click on the tablet breakpoint

  2. Then, select your “Top Tab” div

  3. Next, click on the cog to change your display options (click on the tablet so that the “Top Tab” can be viewed at the tablet breakpoint)

  4. Then, find the “Icon” class within your “Menu Button”

  5. Next, change the display settings form display:none to display:block (this will allow you to see your hamburger at the breakpoint you selected)

  6. Finally, if you would like to change the point when your hamburger menu is visible - you can change that within the same settings

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Best regards,



Appreciate the help. You found the tabs for me, but they are below the image and arranged vertically. I can’t figure out how to get them above the image and into the div block. I can drag them up one at a time but they are still vertical when I get them there.



I tghink I might be too dumb to do this. I’m not finding anything called “top tab div.” Here’s what I see in the navigator.



You are correct. I’m sorry. I see now that “Top Tabs” is a container.

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