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:) When Mobile Menu Navbar opens, it hides behind Hero content?

Hello webflow familia, wondering if someone could take a minute to see what I’m doing wrong.

User opens up Mobile Menu, and some of the parent / children arrow open up links seem to hide behind a graphic that is overlayed on the big Hero background video.

I’m sure it’s just something to do with
Z-index [ I seem to call it Zed and not Z in my loom video - damn U pulp fiction! ]

one of those 3 aspects is maybe wrong.
Loom video of my explanation of what is wrong >

Share only link so you can jump into webflow editor

Here’s what the issue is looking like [ see snapshot attached ]

Appreciate everyone that takes time to read, as well as help

Stay safe :wink:

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Hey Ryan,
it seems you have assigned both classes .img-39 and .div-block-54 a z-index of 999.
after removing it, the menu was displaying correctly.
Hope this fixes it.



Thank you RDaneel & shokoaviv :wink: Appreciated the speedy help

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