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Where to host a .JSON, called in a script


I made an animated and interactive SVG using bodymovin, an After-Effect plugin that allows you to export your AE animation to a .json file, and then display and control it via javascript.

Here is the codepen of my animation :
I can put my index.js in custom script and load bodymovin.js on

But my issue is:
Where should I host my data.json (animation data exported from AE) file?

Thanks in advance.


On a host, you can upload custom files to. Some people in the forums mentioned using dropbox, GitHub, or similar. I use web servers for stuff like that, so I can control permissions and handle CORS.


You can also try specialized json storage services like or Haven’t had any experience with these myself though.


Thanks for your help both, I’m slowly making steps on the more technical side of our activity branch :).


Just let us know how it went!

I dig your animated icon, can’t wait to see where you’d put it :smiley:


Thanks Dram!
I keep this implement for a later stage, but sure I’ll share this here if I’m done before the topic get closed :sweat_smile: