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Where's The Love - Reposted


(Reposted after Webflow hid it?)

Alright so I've been with Webflow for a while now and it seems that as their popularity appears to grow they seem to be limiting more and more of what free users have been able to do. My exporting is now limited to 4... I can only export 4 more times until I have to upgrade.

And the cheapest plan to allow exporting is $20 a month, or $192 a year. Quite frankly I find these prices a bit over the top. I get that this is a great tool, but does anyone else find this pricing a bit too high? Their cheapest plan is $16 and it doesn't even give you exporting or an extra site or two!

Cmon Webflow, where's the love, I'm not trying to get this for free, but I don't want to empty my bank account by the time I get my projects up and running.

And everyone else, please let me know if you agree or disagree with this.



Its great letting Webflow know that you think the prices are to high. It saves me a lot of time designing in Webflow, it's fun, the webflow team are adding new features rapidly and they active on the forum. I tried a lot free open source software and some paid ones in different categories and and Webflow is for me totally worth the money even though I'm not yet are a professional designer. I wanted to use Webflow for free until I could make some money on this but thats of course hard to ask for.

I noticed Webflow has changed their pricing plans a couple of times. It must be hard to set a price on a product to fit everyone. I don't think its wrong to have a limited free price plan to try the software out. Everyone need to make money.

You have to think if it's worth the money for you. Do you make more money using Webflow because its easier and faster to make sites for your clients? Then it's probably totally worth the money.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

Happy designing, or maybe Webflowing =D


Its one of the hottest tools out there, cutting edge, smart, well designed. It should command a premium. Prices are no where near over the top. Have you compared this to other pieces of software? The price is right in my opinion. Its become a go to in my arsenal of Web Development.


Hi @mtopschij -- Kyle from the Webflow team here.

Thanks for being a long-time user of Webflow! We really appreciate your honest feedback on our current pricing and plans. We know our current model isn't going to be perfect for everyone, and we are always looking for any ways we can improve our service -- whether it is improving the functionality, tweaking pricing, etc.

As @jorn mentioned, we've recently changed some of our plans and pricing to make Webflow accessible for more folks -- such as the cheaper, single-site Micro plan, and reduced per-site hosting costs. And as we learn more from users like you, we will constantly be evaluating our pricing structure and looking for ways to make it great for both you and us.

We hope you keep on using and enjoying working with Webflow. Thanks again!


Everyone is saying I need to say if it is worth the money. Well quite frankly no... Im not a large scale developer, and $20 a month is a lot of money for me. I want something cheaper, end of story.


If $20 a month is too much for you, I am sorry to say that you are not their target market. While you would want the features available on the $20/month plan for $5/m (this is what it seems like) - it wouldn't make sense for Webflow.

Price is reasonable.