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Which Color Palette Should Use While Designing Marketing Poster?

There are many posters I have wonder about during business meetings but most of them are not matching for their business products or they are not as good as appealing for customers. most of the posters are having bad color palettes, that’s why they are failed to grab customer’s attention. From a customer point of view, I want to create an eye-catchy marketing poster with a stunning design that can easily grab customer’s attention.

There are many online poster maker tools available with amazing designs & attractive color palette, but the thing is that we need to buy a pro version to access all templates and which I have selected those are not available for free, so I couldn’t design a perfect poster.

Suggest me which color palette I should use for my GYM business ?? I am confused about going with dark colors or light colors for my posters.

I want to make posters like this

hi @Andrew_shane and welcome. The best I can recommend is to hire a designer (poster). Reason is that designer spend years to learn to make design right that will reflect message to be said and hit right market target. If you do poster or website for your business you expect to turn it into more costumers this mean higher income. If you decide to do your self without any design experience your effort can harm your business or have no effect instead of help. Basic business rule says if you want to make money you have to spend money*

There is nothing wrong with these online generators that create logo, poster or something else on 3-clicks, but if you are serious about your business you should avoid these services. I know that is not answer what you have expected but you can thing about it. :wink: