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Which hosting plan uses fastly?


If you check says webflow host companies like, or at fastly & amazon.

But if you test where they are hosted only seems to be at fastly (proof the other ones says are hosted at amazon.

That seems to correlate with the TTFB speed, if you check all 3 in pingdom (you can test from any location) you will see that always have a much much better TTFB, why is that? Maybe its cause the “Global CDN” feature in the business plan?

On the other hand the where we preview our projects have the same behaviour than, hosted at fastly and super low TTFB, they are amazing.

Wich hosting plan I have to pay to have this exact level of performance with a custom domain?

Thank you!



Sorry for the confusion, there are a couple things going on here and I will do my best to clear them up!

The website itself is not hosted by Webflow. (However they do use Webflow for many other of their sites, such as or

As for the other sites, whether or not they use Fastly depends on whether or not they are using SSL. Fastly does not (currently?) have support for automatically provisioning SSL certificates for a domain, so we were not able to use them for our SSL hosting infrastructure. Instead we have built our own infrastructure for handling SSL connections on top of AWS. This currently is limited to a single region (Virginia) but we are actively working on support for multi-region SSL hosting and should have updates on that very soon.

For sites which do not have SSL enabled, those are using Fastly. The distinction mostly occurs at the DNS layer, so if you point your domain to it will use Fastly. If it is pointed to it will use our own infrastructure to handle the SSL termination.

Let me know if that didn’t clear things up or if you have other questions!


Thank you @nathan

Hmm let me see if I understand that.

I must choose between:

  1. No SSL+ fastly
  2. SSL + amazon from virginia

This is correct?

Since I’m from Europe amazon from virginia will have half a second TTFB…

Wish I could have both, great TTFB and SSL. Maybe exporting and hosting by my side? I’ve seen fastly charge 100$ a month for SSL, But then I lose the CMS.

You have any idea for a solution? Or at least ETA for europe SSL hosting? It wouldnt be that fast as fastly but its pretty decent!

Edit: @nathan another question, SSL how interacts with GLOBAL CDN in the business plan? Still only from Virginia?

Thank you very much.


Or at least ETA for europe SSL hosting?

I can’t make any guarantees, but we are looking at rolling out the next region (in Europe) within the next 2-3 months.

SSL how interacts with GLOBAL CDN in the business plan?

For a given site, there are two sources of content. There is the HTML pages that are loaded directly from the domain (and served either via Fastly or our SSL infra) and then there are the external assets. Images, JS, CSS, etc. The external assets are served from Cloudfront. The global CDN refers to where the external assets are served from, and regardless of SSL setup, those will always be served from AWS CloudFront’s global network (very similar to Fastly in terms of TTFB)