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White gap between sections on bigger screens


Hi !
I have a white gap between my main section and footer, it's visible on 1440px wide screens (and bigger).

Link to site -

Any ideas what can be the problem ?
Thanks !



I'm not sure why you consider it as a bug.
If you don't have content, you will have a white gap.
Do you want to center it ?


Yeah it can be centered, what should I do ?


Hum, in your case, the easy way is :

Set normal home section to absolute.
Remove your min height.

Top absolute 50%

Transform Moove Y -50%

And there you have it


Wow thank you I really appreciate your help !

Maybe you can help me with another problem with this site - if you click on "O MNIE" page, and open the menu, the window's size is changed (see live version first - I really don't know what it is caused by, it's very annoying :frowning:


Hey @Michal_Wawrzyniec_Ja ,

No problem, but first please create another topic for your new issue. Since this one is closed and the issues are different, it ll be easier for the community to find it if they have the same problem. Just mention me @zbrah on this new post


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